Belnick Inc., also known as, has certainly made a mark on Cherokee County as one of its most successful businesses. The company began in 2001 and has grown significantly over the last decade. They are currently expanding their walls to include an additional 149,000 square-feet in one of the most ‘stand-out’ buildings the county has to offer. The architectural integrity of the building will remain as warehouse space is added.

BizChair moved to Cherokee County in 2007 into the award winning former Herman Miller building. At inception in 2001 the company operated a mere 20,000 square-feet compared to the 327,000 square-feet in which they are currently operating. The expansion, soon to be complete in the spring of 2011, will increase their facility size to a total of 476,000 square-feet.

Sean Belnick, CEO of commented that the expansion is coming along very well, although there have been set backs due to the ice and snow over the winter months. They estimate they have lost about 10 weeks on the time line, but plan to be finished by this spring.

“Luckily our business is very strong and our sales continue to grow,” says Belnick. But luck has very little to do with the company’s success. offers a large range of office products; from office, stack, and folding chairs, recliners, home furnishings and more, all imported from China at a competitive price. They have cut out the middle man in order to pass the savings along to the customer. With this most recent expansion they will also be offering banquet tables and restaurant chairs.

Noted as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies by Inc. 500, has seen steady growth both architecturally and monetarily over the years. In 2010, the company saw a 30% increase in sales and projects with a 20% increase for 2011. With a higher work volume, the company has already hired 25 new employees and plans to hire another 10-15 within the next year.

Misti Martin, president of the Cherokee Office of Economic Development (CoED), is glad to see existing industries grow within the county. The Cherokee County Development Authority offers incentives for existing industries that have been operating in the county for more than three years. “It’s reassuring to see growing business in the county, and I’m pleased we can offer an incentive to retain these type companies.” is one of several companies that expanded within Cherokee County in 2010. CoED reported that in 2010 over $16 million was invested through new and existing industries and 135 jobs created. Marshall Day, Chairman of the Development Authority of Cherokee County stated, “While we focus is on recruiting new businesses, it is even more important that we work on maintaining our relationships with our existing industries and help them in any way we can to be successful.”

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