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CPU Carts and Holders

One member of the ergonomic computer support family that helps your computerís overall system performance is a CPU cart and holder. How does this help your computerís performance when it is an accessory instead of a functioning computer part? Glad you asked Ė CPU holders help protect your computer processor from dirt and dust which accumulate on the floor, causing your computer to overheat, run slow, crash, or lock up. Plus, you wonít have to worry about accidents, such as accidentally knocking over the CPU unit or liquid spills creeping their way into the bottom of the computer causing electrical issues. For extra versatility, consider buying a swivel-mount CPU holder which has the capability to extend forward and swivel sideways. Off the floor and not on your desk top, BizChair.comís CPU holders allow you to set up an ergonomic workspace to best fit your personal office needs.
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