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Drafting Stools, Drafting Chairs, and Lab Stools

When a little extra height is necessary, drafting chairs will give you that extra boost. Our collection of drafting chairs and stools brings together a combination of the traditional and ideal.

Contrary to common misconceptions, drafting chairs have a wide variety of uses other than architecture. A drafting stool or chair will assist any user in comfortably working at higher elevations, like counters and workbenches. Like all of the chairs you will find on, these premium drafting chairs are made to last from durable, high quality materials.

Available in a variety of bright colors, stylish designs, and quality materials, you will be able to find a drafting chair or drafting stool to enhance any work space. Stylish and modern or classic and traditional, these drafting stools and chairs will wow you and dazzle you. When you choose from us, you know you're getting only the best stools and chairs for drafting!

Browse through BizChair.comís excellent selection of drafting chairs to find the perfect drafting chair or drafting stool for your office or work space today for an affordable price.