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FireKing Fireproof Data Safes

More and more businesses have moved into the information age. Your data is critical and computer media is so easily damaged. Even a hot mug of coffee represents a real hazard, so imagine what a small fire would do. In a FireKing Data Safe, computer media is protected from fire, dust, magnetic fields, unauthorized access, accidental damage and electrostatics. The walls and doors provide the ultimate in protection by incorporating layers of heat absorbing material, fireproof insulating foam and a tough steel casing. Three-way boltwork ensures the doors remain shut if a building collapses during a fire or if forced entry is attempted. Go the extra mile when protecting vital records from catastrophes. The cost of proactively purchasing FireKing UL_rated fireproof data storage clearly outweighs the cost of retroactively reproducing or replacing all that can be destroyed by fire, flood, or theft. No matter how much coverage your business policy offers, added protection for your company's vital data records will always be a wise business expense - one that will pay off in the face of disaster.