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Glacier Circulation Furniture by Ironwood

The Ironwood Glacier™ line of furniture rises to the challenge of design flexibility and product durability posed by the modern library. Since all items are ready-to-assemble, this line remains affordable and incorporates the traditional styling that is Ironwood. The units are engineered to work together so you can build the library that you need now, and be assured of easy expansion in the future. Built to the standards of all Ironwood furniture, Glacier items will remain attractive and durable for years of public use. Designed for efficiency with tasteful styling, this GlacierTM collection can offer circulation areas of many sizes and configurations. A variety of styles is available to provide ample storage, productive work space, and coordinates with shelving units to provide a pleasant environment. All 4 select laminate finishes are accented with black hardware and trim. Each circulation piece can be used as a stand-alone unit, or connected to others to form a full circulation desk area.
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