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Power Recliners

A power recliner is one that moves into a reclining position with the push of a button.. These are the best choice for the consumers who donít like the jarring motion of manual recliners. Since the reclining and inclining is smooth, it will not dent the walls or the furniture of the consumers who want to furnish smaller spaces. Power reclining chairs are available in a wide range of fabrics from leather to micro-suede for you to choose a material that suits your needs and comfort level and also are available in several sizes to accommodate the petite, large or tall person. With the push of a button you can adjust your reclining position to your comfort level. It gives a degree of independency to a people with limited mobility or special needs such as painful knee or hip joints, weak ankles or legs or had a recent illness or surgery, disabled, elderly, obese or infirm person. These chairs are extremely comfortable, great to lounge around in and just enjoyable to own.
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