Circle Cycle [RPE-5022-PG] Circle Cycle [RPE-5022-PG]
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Circle Cycle [RPE-5022-PG]

Image shows optional 5-Seat Circle Cycle
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Item #: RPE-5022-PG
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  • Specially designed for indoor as well as playground use
  • Requires little space and is great for limited play spaces
  • It is an ideal choice for strengthening large muscles and motor skills
  • Main wheel is strong, but carefully crafted to be lightweight enough for only one child to turn it easily
  • Solid steel track and redesigned handlebars make this an extremely safe and popular playground equipment choice
  • Age 2.5-5 Years
  • Patent Design
  • Cycle Options:
  • 4-Seater or 5-Seater sizes offered
  • Yellow or White colors available
  • Anchor Options:
  • Direct Bury- installs anchors into concrete footers in the ground
  • Surface Mount- installs anchors into a solid surface, such as conrete or asphalt
  • Warning: Do not install any playground equipment directly over paved surfaces such as concrete or asphalt
  • The area under the playground equipment must be covered with impact absorbing material

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