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Sentry Fireproof Data Safes

In an information economy, your data is a critical asset. More and more businesses are storing their records electronically. Even if you back up your computer records and files, they still aren't safe. Now there's a new way to protect your data from fire, water and any number of disaster scenarios. Fire resistant record protection equipment consists of self-contained devices that incorporate insulated bodies, doors, drawers or lids, or non-rated multi-drawer devices housing individually rated containers that contain one or more inner compartments for storage of records. These devices are intended to provide protection to one or more types of records as evidenced by the assigned Class rating or ratings; Class 350 for paper, Class 150 for microfilm, microfiche other and photographic film and Class 125 for magnetic media and hard drives. We have a complete line of Data & Document Security Safes specifically designed for data and media protection. Browse our fireproof data safes to see which one best serves your needs. If you need help, don't forget, our customer service group is here to help!