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Square Folding Tables recognizes the need for durable square folding tables. Square folding tables can be used as an activity table, extra dinner table, or just a place to create arts and crafts. These tables come in a variety of widths and lengths, metal finishes, vinyl edge colors, laminate finishes, and tabletop colors and are designed to withstand the stress of institutional use. The tables are equipped with four independent folding legs, nickel plated full chrome legs also available. Some models are also available with phosphate coated legs, which are then sprayed with Powder Coat Epoxy finish to protect your investment long into the future. Black vinyl edge banding, or Perma Tuff edging available on some models reduce costly repairs and eliminate snagged table linens. Also available are the extra thick, extruded edge molding of ABS plastic is designed to protect the edges of tables when they are rolled, dragged and dropped. Glides are rubber cushioned and fully nickel-plated with an outside gripper ring. Exclusive spring-bolt leg brace mechanism saves time during set-up and tear-down, while providing rigid support to the table. Corner reinforcements of solid ABS plastic provide increased protection against damage from rough handling. Browse our square folding tables today and enjoy our deep discount pricing.
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