About BizChair

BizChair.com is a trusted global leader in providing premium yet affordable commercial furniture solutions. Our extensive range caters to a wide spectrum of sectors including offices, restaurants, hotels, event venues, worship centers, medical facilities, government offices, and schools. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality products that exceed expectations while ensuring affordability.

For our residential customers, we offer a wide selection of furniture styles that are both stylish and functional, without breaking the bank. From chairs and sofas to patio and home office furniture, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs for every room of your home. With more than two decades of experience and a vast inventory of in-stock items, we provide personalized solutions, speedy shipping, and unparalleled customer service, all of which have earned us a loyal customer base.

We are a part of the Ubique Group, headquartered in Canton, GA. As a company, we value the strengths of each member of our passionate, hard-working, and supportive community. We recognize the potential of our employees and the power of teamwork, and we extend this philosophy to our families and communities as well.

At BizChair, we understand the importance of premium commercial furniture that caters to all your seating needs, no matter the setting or occasion. Our impressive collection includes some of the most sought-after furniture categories, such as:


Office Chairs

Our range of business chairs are designed to create a comfortable and stylish work environment. From ergonomic office chairs to swivel chairs and customizable options, we offer an array of styles and colors to suit every workspace. Our office chairs come with features like adjustable arms to ensure everyone is comfortable and productive.

Office Furniture

Transform your office space into a welcoming and comfortable work area with our quality discount office furniture. Our range of essentials such as desks, tables, and storage systems are the foundation of a professional workspace. Browse additional designs to personalize your space with printer and machine stands, computer furniture, and other equipment.

Restaurant Chairs

Elevate your restaurant with our collection of restaurant chairs, bar stools, tables, patio furniture, and more. With thousands of options, you can find the perfect match for your décor and budget.

Folding Chairs

Our lightweight and versatile commercial foldable chairs are perfect for any event. We offer folding chair designs made from a range of sturdy materials, including plastic, resin, wood, metal, and bamboo, to provide comfortable seating for any occasion.

Event Chairs

Our commercial event chairs are easy to set up and transport, making any event a breeze. Choose from a wide selection of styles, including Chiavari and banquet chairs, in multiple colors to create the perfect ambiance for weddings, corporate events, reunions, and special occasions.

Stacking Chairs

For stylish and space-saving seating solutions, our stacking chairs are the perfect choice for any event. Our broad inventory offers popular options for banquets, church events, schools, and more, in a range of colors and designs to complement any space. Find stacking chairs for indoor and outdoor environments made from durable materials to meet your needs.

Worship Chairs

As a leader in church chairs, we offer a variety of church chair options from 18.5” to 21” with design and fabric options to match any house of worship. With custom embroidery, the possibilities are endless!


At BizChair, we take pride in our vast range of seating and furniture at great prices. Our customized solutions and fast shipping options ensure an effortless shopping experience. Explore our extensive collection to discover the perfect furniture for any occasion.