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Adjustable Height Folding Tables

Shop our large assortment of adjustable height folding tables in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to find the right style for your needs.


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Adjustable Folding Table Buying Guide

A folding table with adjustable legs allows the opportunity to transform any area into a functional space within minutes. Thanks to the convenience of a foldable design, maximizing storage space whenever the table isn't in use is effortless. When shopping our selection of adjustable folding tables, here are a few things to consider:


Folding Table Top Materials

When choosing the surface of a folding table, think about the elements of your service. For example, a stylish surface could eliminate the need for table linens, while more of a simple top material would allow the opportunity to dress things up to your liking. These are some of the most common adjustable height folding table top materials:

  • Plastic: Plastic adjustable folding tables are typically lightweight for easy transportation. They are also weather-resistant and less expensive than other options.
  • Wood: These tables usually have a laminate finish to protect against weather damage and staining. While wood adjustable height folding tables are usually more expensive than plastic, they're one of the strongest and most durable types available.
  • Particleboard: An affordable and practical choice for light to medium use, particleboard folding tables are comprised of wood particles that are pressed together. The tables often have a laminate or melamine coating that allows for easy cleaning.

Adjustable Folding Table Legs

Most adjustable folding table legs are constructed with steel for maximum durability, balance and support. A powder coating may also be applied to some models to prevent visible wear and scratches. Common adjustable folding table legs include:

  • Pedestal legs: Single or double post legs with integrated wide ends help support weight distribution for rectangular tables.
  • Roman legs: Two straight posts without connection rungs help provide extra leg room and storage underneath the table.
  • Wishbone legs: Two posts that curve outward at the ends help support the weight of large, round adjustable folding tables.
  • Ladder legs: Two straight posts with connection rungs at the bottom help promote the stability of tables with smaller widths.

Adjustable Table Height Options

Folding tables may feature adjustable or fixed heights. Folding tables with adjustable legs can be set at different heights to accommodate all types of purposes. These tall folding tables usually adjust in 1-inch increments ranging from 21 to 32 inches.  


Portability Features to Consider

When purchasing an adjustable folding table, think about how – and how often – you’ll need to transport it. Consider the weight of the table and whether you'll need specific design features like the ability to fold the table in half. If you’ll need several folding tables to support your events, browse our collection of stackable, fold-in-half designs that can help you fit multiple tables in the trunk of your car. Models with convenient carry handles can also help make transportation to and from special events easy.  


Fast Shipping on All Adjustable Folding Tables

Many of our adjustable height folding tables are stocked and ready to ship. Shop BizChair now to find the best folding tables with adjustable legs for your business, family get-togethers or other events.