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Ergonomic Office Chairs

The quality and comfort of your office chair directly influence your productivity and health. Whether you're looking for a better home office seating solution to relieve back pain or a practical way to improve your employees' comfort at work, find the best selection of top-quality ergonomic office chairs at BizChair.

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What are Ergonomic Desk Chairs?

Our ergonomic desk chairs are designed to suit your height and other body dimensions to support healthy posture and body mechanics. Ergonomic office chairs help reduce muscle tension and strain and support increased productivity and maximum comfort and support. Ergo chairs can also be adjusted to fit each user's unique requirements.

Features to Look for in an Ergonomic Office Chair

Our ergonomic office chairs come with a variety of features, so finding something that works for you is easy. When searching for a new ergo chair, consider the following:

Chair Seat Height

For a custom feel, choose an ergonomic desk chair with seat height adjustability so you can easily change the chair's height to suit your needs. The height range of the ergo chair you pick should feature heights both slightly lower and slightly higher than your ideal setting for maximum flexibility. Adjust the chair so your knees remain slightly lower than your hips, and make sure your feet are resting flat on the floor.

Chair Backs

An ergonomic high back office chair offers comprehensive ergonomic support for the upper back, neck and head during long work sessions, while a mid-back task chair may better suit areas used frequently but for shorter periods of time.


Consider the height of your workspace when deciding whether an ergonomic desk chair with or without arms would best fit your space. An arm-free ergo chair allows your arms to rest on your desk at a comfortable position, while a chair with armrests may provide the added support and comfort you're looking for.

Extra Padding

Many of our ergonomic desk chairs have padding on the seat to encourage increased comfort during long work sessions. Some even have added padding on the armrests, headrests and backs to help users remain more relaxed throughout the day. Look for contoured padding that conforms to the natural curve of the spine and lumbar padding that offers targeted support to ease stress.

Ergonomic Desk Chairs for all Types of Workspaces

Our ergonomic desk chairs come in a wide array of styles and material options to suit both modern and traditional desks. For a contemporary look that provides optimal airflow, consider ergo chairs with mesh upholstery. For a space with more traditional style, make a professional statement with leather chairs.

To get increased mobility, choose an ergonomic rolling chair that effortlessly glides across the floor for complete freedom of movement. If you're furnishing a space that's used 24 hours a day by multiple people, browse our selection of sturdy 24/7 intensive-use ergo chairs that are rated for continuous use.

No matter the type of workspace, BizChair carries an impressive assortment of high-quality ergonomic office chairs to provide the level of support you need to maintain comfort and productivity. Since we keep our inventory well stocked, most orders can be shipped the next business day. Shop now to find the best ergonomic desk chairs for your workspace.