Kids Furniture Buyers Guide

Imagine waking up in a land inhabited by giants where the furniture is so big you have to climb up just to sit down. Kids don’t need their imaginations to see this world. To kids, regular grown-ups are as big as giants and most furniture is enormous. Now, imagine you have magic powers and can make their whole world kid sized.

Kid sized furniture is available in desk sets, bedroom furniture, chairs, beanbags and much more. Size is not the only feature to consider in finding furniture that will fit your kids. With young children and toddlers, safety is a high priority and for teens, it’s all about style. And of course, throughout the childhood years, you want furniture that is not easily broken or damaged.

When shopping for kid’s furniture, identify the products that meet your standards for safety and durability and let your child choose from among them. Chances are you’ll both be happier!

The bedroom is the one room in the house children can truly make their own. From afternoon tea parties to sleepovers, your child’s bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a land of make believe where imaginary friends live and the adventure never ends.

There are many styles of bedroom furniture for kids. Coordinating nightstands, dressers and bookcases complete the look and provide more storage options to keep the room neat and tidy.

toddler boat bed Toddler Beds Designed for kids between 18 and 24 months, who have outgrown their crib, toddler beds are low to the ground. Their low height keeps children from getting hurt when they roll off the bed in the middle of the night. Some models have side rails to prevent them from rolling off the bed. Toddler beds are often colorful and available in fun shapes like boats, fire trucks and princess beds.

As children get bigger, they need bigger beds and can safely sleep higher off the floor.

Bunk Beds
Bunk beds give you additional sleeping options without taking up more floor space. Great for sleepovers and siblings who share a room, bunk beds come in several configurations. The traditional arrangement is twin over twin and this usually works well for smaller children. Rails around the top bunk protect children from falling from this elevated height. Other configurations include twin over full and full over full, with creative options like tree forts, futon lofts and built-in desks for studying and homework.

Captain Beds
Originally designed for use aboard ships where space is extremely limited, captain beds provide extra storage. The mattress sits atop a wooden platform with built-in drawers. While most children's bedrooms probably have more space than a ship captain's quarters, they likely have a lot more stuff too! Captain beds are available in all the standard sizes; twin, full, queen and king.

Trundle Beds
Similar to captain beds, trundle beds store a second mattress under the bed until it is needed. Designed for children, teens and guest bedrooms, the spare mattress assembly is easily rolled out and conveniently set up for sleepovers and out of town guests.

Teens want their rooms to reflect their more sophisticated style. There are many options to choose from, including:

Sleigh Beds
Sleigh beds are usually made from wood. The headboard is typically taller than the footboard, both curving upward and outward, just like a sleigh.

Canopy Beds
Canopy beds have four posts connected together at the top with rods that are draped with fabric for an elegant look.

Platform Beds
Platform beds have a mattress on a platform made from wood, metal or leather, rather than a box spring. Usually lower to the ground, they lend a more contemporary tone to the room.

Having a place dedicated to schoolwork and studying improves students' academic performance and increases their chances for success. Whether it's for homework or home schooling, children's desks provide that designated work space.

The desk and chair should allow your child to sit comfortably, sometimes for extended periods, depending on their assignments. There should be ample room to spread out work as necessary and a place for a computer or laptop and supplies. From there, it’s all about personal style.

Selections range from sleek computer desks with simple designs to traditional wooden desks with drawers and hutches to roll-top desks. activity table with chairs Kids' activity tables are a great place for kids to draw, paint, play and craft. You'll want table tops that clean up easily, especially after playdoh and finger painting. Look for lightweight tables with plastic tops and rounded corners for safety and steel interior frames for strength and stability. Most come with adjustable height steel legs and plastic floor glides to make them easy to move around without scraping the floor.

Children’s chairs come in many colors and styles to coordinate with your décor; wood and leather rockers and recliners for the living room, pastel bean bag chairs for the bedroom and playroom and primary colors for daycare centers and pediatricians’ offices. Kids can have their very own rocking chair on the front porch or kick back with you in side-by-side- recliners to watch your favorite movie. Our selection of specialty kids chairs includes potty chairs, step stools, time out chairs, benches and directors chairs.

Kids love to rock! Not only is rocking fun and great exercise, it actually has a calming effect. Size, durability and safety are the primary factors to consider in selecting an age appropriate rocker. Look for a rocker that is well made with quality materials. To ensure your child’s safety, confirm that his or her feet touch the floor while rocking and that they can get on and off the chair easily. Kids' rockers are available in many styles, shapes and colors. Choose from among classic rocking horses and wooden spindle rocking chairs, upholstered rockers, animal or character themed chairs, wobble chairs and rock-a-boats.

Childhood just wouldn’t be as much fun without pretending games! Playing house is even more fun when you have reclining chairs like Mom and Dad’s. Kids recliners are available in traditional colors like brown, black, tan and blue to coordinate with your family or living room décor. If the chair is for your child’s bedroom or playroom, you may want to go with brighter colors like hot pink, orange or bright green and fun designs featuring owls, animal prints or sports themes. Many kids recliners come equipped with cup holders for drinks and storage arms for toys.

Look for a chair with safety features that will not allow the chair to recline unless your child is in a seated position and pulls the ottoman out (approximately 1”) before reclining. You’ll want fire retardant foam and a solid hardwood frame. Weight capacity for these mini recliners is 90 lbs.

Bean Bag Chairs
Ask any kid and they'll tell you, bean bag chairs are cool! Not only comfortable for relaxing, they're so much fun to play on.

Look for bean bag chairs made from spill resistant and durable fabric; vinyl, leather, fur, denim, cotton cloth, or microfiber, especially for younger kids. You want your new beanbag chair to be generously filled with eco-friendly materials and feature a removable slipcover that is machine washable. Just like all of your furniture, you’ll want to think about what size, color and fabric fits best with the room’s decor.

Mine! Mine! Mine! Kids love seeing their name on their stuff. It’s a great way to clearly establish ownership, just like writing names on clothes, athletic equipment and backpacks. And an adorable little chair, personalized with a child’s name, makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays and baby showers.

Children feel more comfortable with furniture designed for kids and they feel extra special when they sit in a chair made just for them! You can add a personal touch with your child’s name, favorite animal, character or sports team embroidered onto a kids recliner, rocker, or bean bag chair. Watch their eyes sparkle with excitement when they see their very own "custom-made" chair.

Personalization can turn a simple piece of furniture into a treasured keepsake!

We maintain an extensive inventory of kids furniture. In addition to the products we highlighted in this article, we also have kids lounge chairs and sofas.

If you have a specific question or need more information, please contact our team of professionals. 

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