Recliner Buyers Guide

When you're ready to relax and unwind, there's nothing quite like kicking back in a recliner. Stretch out, put your feet up, rock, swivel and maybe even turn on a little heat & massage.

Recliners come in many sizes and styles. Some include cup holders and compartments for things like books, remote controls and snacks. Others have built-in coolers to keep your favorite beverages chilled. Many can be personalized with an embroidered name, picture or a company logo.

When searching for your new recliner, you'll want to consider factors like recliner size and the best location for it as well as your design preferences, coordinating upholstery colors and textures.

Think about the person who will spend the most time in the chair. It should be large enough (height & width) to allow that person to sit comfortably with head and neck supported, use both armrests and reach the floor with their feet.

Reclining chairs are divided into 3 main categories:
Standard Recliners
Big & Tall Recliners
Kids Recliners

This chart gives you an idea of the differences in the dimensions of the primary recliner types.
Seat Width Back Height Seat Height Weight Capacity
Standard Recliners 17-20.5" 24-25.5" 20-22.5" 250 lbs.
Big & Tall Recliners 25-34" 29-30" 21-23" 350-450 lbs.
Kids Recliners 12-13.75" 17" 14.5-15" 90 lbs.

Big & Tall
Designed for larger people, big & tall recliners support taller frames and heavier physiques. These recliners usually offer extra-wide bases for increased stability, heavy-duty upholstery grade foam and additional under-leg foam support.

Kids Recliners
You'll want your kids recliner to have a strong wood frame for safety and soft foam padding for comfort. Look for durable upholstery like leather, vinyl and microfiber to make clean up easier and keep the chair looking good for many years. Kids recliners in vivid colors (hot pink, orange & bright green) and fun designs (owls, animal prints & sports themes) will be right at home in your child's bedroom or the playroom. Mini recliners in brown, black, white, tan and blue will look great with your living or family room decor.
If children and family pets will snuggle together in everyone's favorite chair, you might want to consider a recliner with a wider seat, or a reclining sofa or loveseat.

A reclining sofa brings the best of both worlds together: the comfort of a recliner and the roominess of a sofa. Most reclining sofas have an adjustable setting for the left and right facing seats to recline independently. Many have armrests between each seat that house the reclining controls.

Reclining loveseats help you share the love! The individual seats recline independently, allowing two people to lounge side by side.

Often found in living rooms, family rooms and dens, recliners are the best seats in the house for watching movies, reading and spending time with family and friends. A recliner in the bedroom establishes a peaceful place for reading, watching tv or settling children down for bed. While relaxing may not be a priority in your office, sometimes you need a break, a power nap or just a few minutes to let the ideas flow.

Think about where you want to place your new recliner. Measure the space to ensure you have enough room to fully recline (15-20") without banging into walls or other furniture. If the available space is too tight, look into Wall Hugger Recliners which can fully recline within 3" of a wall.

Keep in mind that recliners are available with a variety of options. The way the chair operates will often dictate its location. One of the primary factors in deciding where to place your new recliner is how the chair reclines, manually or with the push of a button.

Manual recliners can be located almost anywhere because they don't need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They're usually operated with a pull lever on the side of the chair that allows the chair to lean back into a fully reclined position. Pushing down on the kickboard returns it to an upright position.

Other types of manual recliners use a handle on the side of the chair to release the kickboard when you pull it up. Pressing against the back brings you to a fully reclined position. Pushing the handle downward returns the recliner to an upright position.

2-Position Recliners
Most 2-position designs recline from upright to fully reclined by pushing against the back of the chair. The 3-position chair goes from seated to a 45 degree angle and nearly flat. These chairs need plenty of room (up to 3 feet) to recline.

Push-Back Recliners
Usually more contemporary in design, Pushback Recliners recline by pressing down on the arms and pushing against the back. Often, they do not have a built-in footrest and come with a coordinating ottoman.

Rocker Recliner
The dual purpose Rocker Recliner design allows you to rock or recline. It rocks while in the down position and locks in place when the footrest is up. The rocker recliner is an excellent choice when space is tight.

Glider Recliners
In addition to reclining, Glider Recliners swing back and forth with a rocking-chair motion. Popular for the nursery, glider recliners are ideal for rocking newborn babies to sleep.

Swivel Recliners
These recliners feature a function that allows you to turn your Swivel Recliner a full 360° rather than twisting your body.

Swivel Gliders
Swivel Glider Recliners offer more than a swivel function; an internal suspension allows the recliner to glide back and forth.

Mobile Recliners
Mobile Medical Recliners and Bariatric Recliners are equipped with casters enabling caregivers to transport patients without having to transfer them from recliner to wheelchair. Mobile recliners can be equipped with an oxygen tank & urine bag holder, IV or dual IV poles, a side tray, a quick release bracket to remove the seat back and a breakaway foot rest to facilitate getting into and out of the chair. A moisture barrier prevents liquids and bodily fluids from penetrating the foam padding.

Power recliners move into a reclining position with the push of a button and without the jarring motion manual recliners can have. Since reclining and inclining is smooth, you don't have to worry about denting the walls or furniture. Power Recliners give a greater sense of independence to people with limited mobility or who have had a recent illness or surgery.

Power recliners usually need to be near an electrical outlet since an electric motor powers the reclining mechanism. Some power recliners have rechargeable battery packs, eliminating the need to plug in to a power source.

Lift chairs provide increased safety, comfort and convenience to people with limited mobility. Physically, they resemble a traditional high end recliner and contain a strong lifting system in their base. The lifting system raises the chair, allowing the occupant to exit the chair in a standing position. Most reclining lift chairs have a weight capacity of 375 pounds.

2-Position Lift Chairs: The 2-position lift chair reclines from a sitting position to a reading position and ultimately to a standing position. These models are the most affordable and come in a variety of fabrics and styles.

3-Position Lift Chairs: A 3-position lift chair goes from sitting to a reading position, an additional recline position and back to standing. This is the most popular reclining lift chair with a wide range of styles and features.

Infinite-Position Lift Chairs: If you're looking for a chair with a full-recline sleeping position that will elevate your feet above your heart, you want an 'infinite-position' lift chair. The infinite-position power chair is the most versatile lift chair, allowing the footrest and the back to operate independently.

Heavy Duty Lift Chairs: If you need a lift chair that can fit taller people and hold up to 700 pounds, look at heavy duty lift chairs . Most have dual motors to ensure powerful operation and reduce wear on the motors.

Massage relieves stress, lessens pain and stiffness, helps to regulate blood pressure, speeds recovery from injury, boosts immunity, detoxifies the body, and increases circulation. Massage therapy is used in cancer treatment to stimulate the lymphatic system, eliminate toxins, and help with nausea and fatigue.

If you've ever had a professional massage, you know it's not cheap. Purchasing a massage chair is actually more affordable. With a massage chair in your home, you can enjoy a relaxing massage when you need it most and as often as you like. Many massage recliners include heat to help loosen back muscles, ease aches and pains and increase circulation.

Most massage chairs have 2 to 4 massage rollers that go up and down your back, kneading knotted muscles. Chairs with four rollers generally combine rolling, kneading, and tapping as well as the 'grasp and knead' technique imitating the human thumb and fingers massaging the neck and shoulders.

Massage chairs are usually covered in leather, synthetic leather or microfiber. Synthetic leather and microfiber will withstand the heat generated by the massage mechanisms and heating elements better than natural leather. Genuine leather is not as supple and needs to be conditioned regularly to prevent cracking or fading.

Consider your personal style as well as the room's interior design. Are you more traditional or contemporary?

Contemporary recliners are sleek, innovative and trendsetting.

Traditional recliners are reminiscent of Old World, European or early American homes; traditional style is warm and inviting.

Today's recliners are compact and fashionable. We're definitely not talking about your grandpa's recliner. With a wide array of designs, colors and materials to choose from, you can easily find a recliner that will complement the room and not dominate it. Think about the best color, fabric and style of chair that would coordinate with your furnishings, walls and floor.

You want your new recliner to fit in with the room's color scheme and style. And of course, you want it to be soft and comfortable. Do you also want it to repel water and resist stains?

Here are the pros and cons of the most common upholstery fabrics for recliners:

Genuine leather, the strongest and most attractive leather, grows more beautiful with age when regularly cleaned and conditioned. Top-grain leather is better suited for high-end furniture.

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber half as thick as a strand of silk that imitates the look and feel of suede. A great option, available in a variety of solid colors, microfiber is soft and durable. It is water repellent, stain resistant and cleans up easily.

Chenille is a thick and fuzzy pile yarn (cotton, rayon, acrylic and olefin), as soft as it is beautiful. Made from many different types of fibers and yarns, it is not water repellent or stain resistant. Chenille recliners can be cleaned by hand with a low-moisture method or a professional upholstery cleaning company.
The right recliner can wrap you in comfort for many years to come. Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone you love, it's worth every penny! We maintain an extensive inventory of recliners, including Home Theater Seating , Sleeper Recliner and Recliner & Ottoman sets.

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