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Kids' Activity Tables

Provide a safe and entertaining place for kids to play, draw, learn and snack with the assortment of classroom tables from BizChair. Crafted with top-quality materials and sturdy construction for long-lasting use, our activity tables are easy to clean and feature a variety of safety features. Choose from an array of kids' activity tables with bright, fun colors, different shapes and adjustable heights to accommodate every space.

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Whether you're replacing old tables or outfitting a brand-new classroom, the right classroom tables are an integral part of any learning experience. Our well-designed activity tables help improve class productivity while providing increased comfort levels for students.

Finding the Perfect Kids' Activity Tables for Your Classroom

Classroom tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all offering their own unique advantages. Consider the following factors when purchasing new classroom tables:

Which Table Shapes Work Best for Your Classroom?

Outfit your space with the clean look of straight lines by choosing classic square or rectangular-shaped activity tables. To make it easier for small groups of students to interact and work together, go for the style of round school tables. Kidney-shaped tables are an ideal solution for young kids since they let teachers sit along the inside edge to better interact with students seated around the outside edges.

What Size Do You Need to Accommodate Students?

Make sure the activity tables you pick are appropriately sized so students can sit comfortably and stay focused on learning. Determine kids' activity table sizes you'll need by measuring your space and considering how many students the tables need to accommodate.

You'll have to leave enough room between tables for students to pull chairs out and walk around, too. Try to allow at least 48 inches of aisle space and approximately 60 inches of space between tables to provide enough room for students to comfortably sit and move around the classroom.

What Classroom Table Will Fit Your Students’ Needs?

For activities that might require rearranging the classroom furniture, we carry a large selection of mobile classroom tables. These convenient tables are usually equipped with locking casters that keep them stationary when needed and 16-gauge tubular steel legs to ensure increased stability. Provide the ideal seating solution for growing students with our adjustable kids' activity tables that accommodate children of different sizes and ages.

Other Classroom Table Options to Consider

No two classrooms are the same, and your activity tables should precisely accommodate your needs. When shopping our line of quality classroom tables, look for convenient features, including:

  • Stain and warp-resistant surfaces.
  • Powder-coated finishes that protect against scratches.
  • Self-leveling floor guides that protect floors and prevent wobbling.

The best classroom tables create a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages learning while providing the support students need to complete a wide range of activities. Brighten up your classroom with activity tables designed with colored accents or find basic classroom tables to outfit spaces like computer labs and libraries. Get the right classroom tables for you by shopping BizChair online now.